A Deicate Server With A Large Disk

In Selectel such virtual machines can be ordere in the Share Line. It is available in and core configurations at and guarantee power. The performance of the cloud server will not fall below the specifie share and can temporarily reach if other clients do not use resources to the maximum or part of the core is free from neighbors . Where cheap servers come in handy when staging is launche deploy the environment according to the template on vds and collapse it after use paying only for the consume resources for website hosting in creating a jump host or installation server to deploy a small VPN server.

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The monitoring systems that we mentione above will help you understand exactly how much power your service is running. Also if you are a Selectel customer refer to the Statistics tab on the server page. There you will find a graph showing the vCPU load. Detaile instructions are in the knowlege base. Features of Share Line servers → Easy to implement measures Ecuador Email List In this block we will collect actions that will require more time but the basic skills of a system administrator. Cache static content Monitoring systems can show an increase in traffic to a site or service. Usually this is solve by vertical scaling of the infrastructure increasing server resources or expanding the network channel but you can get by with less blood. Study the nature of traffic.

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If users take static pictures texts from the site and similar content it makes sense to cache data through CDN servers. The service of content delivery networks can be cheaper than ordering a new computer. Calculate CDN cost → Another classic caching IT Cell Number method that many companies use is passing static through nginx. So requests for content do not disturb the backend. Example A news site is experiencing a traffic problem. Worke on VMware base servers that literally buckle under load. The problem was completely solve by the tool for caching pages at the web server level. The site did not have to scale the cloud. For companies that work with static content news sites marketplaces this is a must have. Choose a profitable way to remove and store backups Selectel clients can store disk images directly in the control panel which is convenient for quickly creating a new disk from an image or restoring data.

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