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Preferably with safety in mind. In addition servers are a very popular target for attackers. Since they are constantly looking at the Internet machines are subjecte to brute force or password guessing. According to Selectel experts the first attack on the server begins minutes after it appears on the network. SSH to connect to the server Most users install the Linux operating system on servers and connect to them via SSH. SSH is an encrypte protocol that is use to communicate and manage a computer with a server.

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To work according to the protocol you can use one of the main authorization methods a login password combination or SSH keys. We have already written about the shortcomings of the first method. Now let’s look at the features of SSH keys. SSH keys what are they and how do they work Before moving on to the benefits of SSH keys let’s take a look at how Afghanistan Email List they work. SSH keys allow you to authenticate without a password. The keys are a set of hundres of different characters including upper and lower case Latin as well as special characters. The total length is often between and bits. For authentication you nee two SSH keys public and private. public key The public or public key is available to everyone. It is use to encrypt data when accessing the server.

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Simply put it is a set of characters with which we encrypt information. Store the public key in the Selectel control panel You can add a public key immeiately when ordering a server. All adde keys are store in the Servers and hardware → SSH keys section. try When transferring a public key you do not nee to make sure even if it falls into the hands of attackers IT Cell Number they will not be able to use it. A public key is just a lock on a door that contains important information. Without the second SSH key it doesn’t make sense. private key The private or private SSH key is the key to the lock. It decrypts the data. You nee to be much more careful with it store it observing safety rules and not pass it on to third parties.

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