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Maps the application is installe on smartphones by default and is very popular. Million visitors use the app every day to search for answers. How can a company find clients for accounting services using mapping services Add an organization to the system. Indicate its location on the map work scheule phone number website address. Information about the company will appear automatically on system maps and in navigators. Reference books answer questions and communicate on topics.

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There are many online services on the Internet that publish information about organizations and reviews yell million web users. flamp — more than Moscow companies are already present on the site. Yandex. Spravochnik after registration in the IT system information South Sudan Email List about the organization enters the yandex search engine the navigator and maps of the Yandex Corporation. On services you can post pictures read and respond to customer comments track page traffic statistics. Answer Sites Social search engines are use to quickly get answers to questions Yandex. Connoisseurs over time the management plans to turn the web service into a social network.

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An experts accounting knowlege will come in handy in the Business and Law category. otvet mail is a platform with daily attendance of up to million people. There is a limit on the number of responses. The application works on PC and Androidbase IT Cell Number gadgets. To access the platforms you will nee to register an account. You can participate in conversations on online platforms as an expert. For a personal connection with the participants attach a link to your own page on the social network to your profile. Landing and contextual advertising Creating a landing page target web page is a convenient way to provide information about the service and contact information. The site has a more complex structure.

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