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Conduct A B testing to find out which of the several propose PPC ads will perform better. Set up analytics and goals in the metric so that when ordering you can record the campaign phrase and other parameters of the visitor who lande on the site. This is use in increasing the impact of an advertising campaign. For example disable impressions for selecte age groups or collect conversion phrases and create a separate campaign for them with bids that give more clicks. To make your ad stand out from your competitors make the settings as follows Add a second heading. In quick links it is better to place information about discounts and special conditions or the request itself then the search engine will highlight the word in bold.

Made In The Form Of Landing Page

Write in the ad full contact information and opening hours. In the description repeat the request then the phrase will be highlighte in bold when shown. Indicate the price for the service for which the visitor made a request if it is attractive in the meical center. Provide Tuvalu Email List for the presence of a favicon on the site then the ad will also have a favicon. In the displaye link repeat the specialist or specialization from the query. Add clarifications write in promotions benefits or repeat words from quick links. screenshot of Yandex contextual advertising with explanations The more data in the ad to fill in the more in terms of area covere it will be when shown. If competitors do not provide for these moments the ad will be more noticeable against their background.

Country Email List

A Selling Page For Advertising

For contextual advertising in Google. Adwords the principles of operation are the same as in Yandex. But advertising meical sites on Google is prohibite and therefore the following words are avoide when creating contextual advertising reception IT Cell Number consultation treatment cure injections vaccines care diagnostics rehabilitation. Advantages of wellconfigure contextual advertising Targeting. Advertising is directe only to those users who are intereste in the offers of the advertise center. As a result advertisers will not waste time on those who do not nee meical services even on favorable terms. Efficiency.

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