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A landing page is essentially a onepage site where the buyer has only two options for further action purchase a product or close the page and leave it. To do this you can develop a separate landing page or create a special page on the site where you present your product so that a professional draws his attention to it. Search engine optimization today is a channel for promoting a business on the Internet and attracting a target audience the advantage of which is the decreasing cost per visitor CPV cost per visitor. This sets SEO apart from other tools and generates interest among companies.

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They face the question of how to organize search promotion of a corporate web resource. On your own taking on the staff of a site optimizer or contacting an SEO company. Lets try to understand this issue. First we will announce the list of works that are done Timor Leste Email List during the promotion. What to do with search engine optimization Necessary to advance the work development of the semantic core competitive analysis internal optimization finalization of the functionality of the site online store multilevel menu contact forms filtering products sorting etc. filling pages sections product cards creation of unique content articles descriptions instructions manuals. external optimization web analytics.

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Who is responsible for these areas of work Development of semantics for the site development of semantics for the site An SEO specialist is IT Cell Number involve in creating the semantic core. After analyzing the industry the companys website and competitors he forms masks markers of keywords. According to them search phrases are collecte through specialize tools then the phrases are groupe according to directions clustering. From this a skeleton of the future site is subsequently create where for each section an appropriate pool of requests is provide.

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