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We recommend creating an exact copy of the infrastructure and transfer it using the selecte software check it in the battle . The main thing is to provide conditions that are as close to real as possible. If you are moving far away deploy a test environment in the same data center or in an environment that is close in properties to see the same network delays. Migration is not the time for experimentation. If you are use to making backups via rsync but chose a solution from Veeam for migration thoroughly study and test it. Choose the software you work with every day.

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How well do you know Ansible. Use it to deploy a site copy. Well remember your main tool is your head. Check the validity of certificates and terms of routine maintenance Experience drivers have such a rule before a long trip do a full maintenance and make sure that everything is working properly no problems are expecte along the way. This is true for Antarctica Email List migration as well. A mandatory check of the infrastructure includes a check of certificates. Renew them early if they expire soon. Take a look at the maintenance scheule when was the last backup or automatic cache reset. Wont they start during the migration. If this is not done you can lose some of the data or drop the performance that is neee during the transfer.

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Make backups at all stages of migration Moving with an incomplete backup or even worse without one is like putting one or two bullets into the barrel of a revolver and putting it to your temple. If youre not a fan of Russian roulette scheule your backups. Back IT Cell Number up your system before moving. Then it is advisable to make backups of the settings after each successfully complete migration step. In the mentione case I would just postpone the migration until the problems with the backups are resolve. The consequences could be dire. Examine the weaknesses of the architecture Its bad when several services write to one database. Usually they are bre according to different tables and better in different databases.

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