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Photos on sites are intende primarily for users and not for search robots. Therefore they should load quickly and be of high quality. It is desirable that the graphic content be thematic relevant to the context. Otherwise the image is considere poor quality. This negatively affects rankings. Resolution and weight Of several identical images in the search results the first positions are occupie by those that have the maximum size and resolution. This does not mean that you should use large photos on the site.

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It is better to resort to using a thumbnail and open the original when you click on the preview. Files smaller than px may be considere part of the design and will not show up in search results. In order to find out the number of px use any graphic eitor. For Russian Email List example Photoshop Sketch Illustrator. There are also special online services for this. Do not use Cascading Style Sheets CSS to resize photos. By using styles you dont change the actual size of the image. The image will retain its weight and will be fully loade.

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If there are many such files the HTML page loads slowly and the user may close it without waiting for it to fully load. Google and Yandex take into IT Cell Number account the compression method and consider the use of CSS for this to be unacceptable. With this approach a long site load time should be below seconds indicates a poor page quality. Visitors simply leave without waiting for the information to appear on it. This is especially critical for landing pages graphics play a crucial role on the landing page and should be pleasing to the user and catch their eye. Otherwise you will lose to competitors in the search results. Monitor the quality of photos the spee of their download. The indicators should be as close to the ideal as possible.

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