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Clearly format and structure information. Create interactive forms and elements that allow you to interact with the visitor and give him immeiate feeback. To evaluate the behavioral factor for your site look at the following parameters in Yandex. Metrica Entry pages and queries that bring visitors to them. If the poste information does not correspond to them take measures to correct it. bounce rate. One of the main parameters to be tracke. The normal indicator for Yandex Metrica.

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If it is more than you should study specific pages for which it is above the norm. What do your visitors not like why do they leave them quickly After all closing the page the visitor opens another site thereby voting against yours. View depth. The higher this Greenland Email List figure the better. Engage the user in the content let him scroll the page to make a decision presentation of a product or service how to arrange and buy delivery how to pay contact information. Time spent on site. It is advisable to try to increase this figure. Scroll maps and links. By the scrolling map you can determine on which blocks of the page visitors linger they should be raise higher.

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Using the link map you can track which links on the page are popular where visitors go after studying the information. Exit pages. What pages of your web resource are most often left. How can they be improve in order to delay the visitor or return him to the IT Cell Number selling pages Check the indicators in the sections Browsers Display resolution Operating systems. On which computers and monitors does your site have high bounce rates and how does it appear on them Section Devices is there an adaptive version of the site for smartphones and tablets The behavioral factor is a quality indicator that takes into account not only the content but also the design.

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