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Try Selectel cloud databases Run in a minute and automatic backups Create a cluster An example of creating a project with DBaaS in the Selectel cloud platform Create a project Let’s start our review of DBaaS by creating a project. If you already have a project available in the Selectel cloud you can skip this step. Selectel control panel interface On the Cloud Platform tab you will be greete by the Create Project button . Create a new project Give the project a name and click Create Project . Within a couple of minutes a cloud project will be create in which you can create a database. Creating a Selectel Cloud Database Cluster Select Databases from the project sidebar.

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Create a database cluster Select the appropriate region and availability zone to ensure the connectivity of your cloud servers and database. If you do not have cloud servers then you can select the geographically closest region. If you nee to connect a cloud database to a deicate server in Selectel or to your own infrastructure at another site use the L VPN service . After selecting the region click Create Cluster . Setting up a database cluster Clicking the button Whatsapp Mobile Number List will open the extende cluster configuration menu. The following DBMS are currently available. PostgreSQL to versions PostgreSQL for C from to versions TimescaleB is a database for storing time series MySQL . and . Reis . Since the DBMS runs on a virtual server you can choose one of the ready made configurations or define your own. Choosing a cluster configuration The following are the cluster failover and network availability options.

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Replicas are not require. For example when deploying a developer environment the fault tolerance of the database may be reundant. DBMS settings Depending on the selecte DBMS specific settings may appear on the page. For example for PostgreSQL you can override some options in the configuration file. The database is also configure for daily backups. After IT Cell Number defining all the necessary parameters you can create a cluster. After a few minutes the cluster will be create. Connecting to a DB Cluster Connecting to a database cluster A cloud database is no different from a local database except that it is available on the Internet. The cluster page provides a list of addresses for the master node and replicas. What we learne about DBaaS in the cloud So we have considere the features of DBaaS.

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