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PAe also mentione “ employee volunteering, supply chain management and product labeling (informing the customer about the environmental aspects of the product). All of the above CSR activities are just some of the examples that can be found among various enterprises. The richness of this topic shows how important the implementation of socially responsible activities is as an important element of the organization’s activities. How can the CSR strategy be implemente within the company? Implementation of the CSR strategy outside would not be possible without responsible implementation inside the company.

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Therefore, it is worth starting activities relate to corporate social responsibility with internal communication . This includes the one between employees as well as between employers and employees. It is the employees who create the database image of the company outside. Therefore, any changes in the area of ​​CSR should start with them. They should be aware of what idea they are focuse on and how they build it. Moreover, employees should also be sure that their commitment, experience and skills are something very valuable for the company. How to implement CSR activities within the company.


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First of all, pro-employment practices,  in the form of enabling employees to work remotely, openness to flexible working hours or reuce employment, as well as support for pregnant women and young mothers. Each employee should also have equal IT Cell Number opportunities for development and access to eucation, training or support in the field of postgraduate studies. Such activities work to the benefit of both employees and the employer. The former are then much more involve and identify with the company more strongly. Effective CSR certainly also has a big impact on employer branding . The company’s reputation is of measurable importance on the market. Every business owner should aim to be a better employer.

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