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How Anycast works Anycast works a little differently but produces similar results. The solution is relate to the BGP protocol which transmits information about. Neighboring networks and the topographic distance to these networks. The principle of Anycast is that a range of. IP addresses is advertise in BGP messages from multiple routers at once. As this information propagates through the network routers learn which of their neighbors provides. The shortest topographical path to the advertise. IP address and reirect network traffic to that host. How content is cache Often the caching process starts the first time the content is accesse.

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In this case the user who first downloads some static file spends more time downloading it. But for all other users who are in the same region as the pioneer. The download time is significantly reuce since the file will already be cache. Content will only be cache at the point of presence accesse by the user. People from other regions will have to wait for the same Turks and Caicos Islands Email List process to complete on the nearest ege Node. To solve this problem CDN nodes are configure in such a way that they exchange cache content directly among themselves without referring to the origin. At the same time border nodes perform such an exchange at the request of users. Lets go back to the example with cities a user from Vladivostok decide to look at the St. Petersburg Internet portal but the static from this portal is not yet cache at the nearest point of presence.

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This ege node will not contact the origin in St. Petersburg but simply request a cache version of this content from neighbors for example in Chita or Khabarovsk. As a result the download time for a user from Vladivostok will be significantly reuce. Which websites should use CDN technology The target clients of CDN providers are primarily portals IT Cell Number with an abundance of heavy static content and streaming services . The spee of loading resources in this case seriously affects the experience of users who in case of a serious slowdown will simply leave the slowing down site or service. Speeing up web resources with heavy content is very important not only to attract an audience but also to maintain user loyalty. However there are two more target groups of resources that nee technology.

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