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The situation at Allsoft today is as follows it is impossible to purchase a new license for MS Office however under existing contracts customers can renew existing licenses in the CSP channel with a monthly payment says Allsoft a Microsoft distributor. For Enterprise customers with at least PCs license renewal is currently not available Today the Allsoft online store has the remnants of MS Office box positions which will be sold until the end of the stock adde Allsoft. Main advice The latest statements of Microsoft distributors do not affect the relevance of the move. The uncertainty hasn’t gone away.

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If you are going to migrate here is the main advice study the market for alternative solutions and use the experience of other companies. For example if you want to move to Astra Linux you can see if anyone has trie to do it before you. We talk about the service of manage databases in the cloud and explain how responsibility for the operation of database Country Email List clusters is share between the provider and the client. What is a database. A database DB is a set of data that is store according to a given schema. To work with data specialize software is use a database management system DBMS . The database is an integral part of modern applications. When you create an application you must choose the appropriate DBMS and deployment method. Thanks to cloud technologies the database can be deploye with the click of a button.

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There are two ways to deploy a DBMS traditional in the cloud. The traditional way has long been known. The database is deploye on a separate server by the company’s specialists on its own or rente infrastructure in the cloud or on deicate servers. The obvious advantage of this approach is complete control over the infrastructure operating IT Cell Number system and its DBMS with the ability to fine tune to suit your own nees. However with great opportunities comes great responsibility. In addition to the initial installation you nee to deal with infrastructure support fault tolerance backup cluster optimization scaling the database when the appetite of the application grows. Therefore the database must be able to scale. Manage database scalability Cloud products are easy to scale and cloud databases are no exception.

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