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However Kubernetes is not a panacea you can develop a containerize service but if it is small and light it may be better to run containers in Docker and not overbrain. More about microservice architecture and monolith → Manage Kubernetes is useful when company employees lack the experience of administering Kubernetes clusters and the skills to maintain a healthy control plane. The PaaS service is also relevant for those who do not have time to independently deploy clusters and automate them. Finally Manage Kubernetes is also suitable for those who know Kubernetes well but want to save themselves from the routine tasks associate with configuring and maintaining clusters.

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Who is not suitable for ready made Kubernetes clusters The service is not suitable for those who nee full control and access to all levels of the Kubernetes cluster. It is also difficult to recommend the service to those who want a high degree of customization. It will Chile Email List be difficult to implement complex and unique add ons and cluster automation in a manage solution. If the companys specialists have the skills for such operations they will be able to deploy Kubernetes on their own. It will take longer but the clusters will be fully integrate into the infrastructure in the scenarios that the company nees. We understand what a terminal server is how it is similar to VDI and how to choose a server for the role of a terminal.

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A bit of history the prototype of the terminal server To explain what a terminal server is we nee to delve a bit into history. Recall the time when there were mainframes instead of personal computers. In simple words the mainframe is a superserver an IT Cell Number industrial computing system with reundant characteristics of memory computing resources reliability and massively parallel computing processing. For example in IBM release one of the most powerful mainframes the Z . It looks like a huge system block. mainframe This is what the mainframe looks like. Source This model can process trillion transactions per day and encrypt data RAM and cores in it TB and pieces respectively.

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