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Commands are not processe in parallel but only in a certain sequence so it is often use to build a queuing system. In this case Reis becomes an intermeiate link between the web server producer and the program consumer . For example using the list data type you can unload the server and write data to the queue from which the consumer will later pick it up. Thanks to the LPUSH and RPUSH commands Reis also implemente the functionality that new values ​​can be written to the front or back of the queue.

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We will talk about how queues work in Reis in one of the following articles. How caching works in Reis Most often Reis is use as an auxiliary database or cache server that works in tandem with object relational database management systems such as PostgreSQL. Paire use of the database solves the problem of fast loading of small frequently update Special Database objects and protects against loss of important data. The cache is like an intermeiary between the storage and the data requeste by the client. If you set up use the cache correctly this reuces the load on the database servers. The user’s request first goes to Reis and checks for the presence of any value by key.

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If it is then the user will be answere from Reis and not directly from the main database. If there is no value then the database will also tell Reis to remember the key value binding for this query. The effect is clearly visible in highly loade systems when IT Cell Number data groups are requeste really often. With a load of users hour there will not be much benefit from caching. In addition to being a cache server Reis is also a data structure server. That is Reis can build a list a hash map a range set and provide these features in a simple way which greatly simplifies development. Reis Implementation To work with Python you first nee to install the Reis library and then connect via Import.

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