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Create and use Manage Kubernetes clusters You can add GPUs to them to do this select a fixe node configuration with a GPU. Create a cluster Who Might Nee a GPU Cluster When creating ML services it takes a lot of time to collect and mark up data. In addition the model nees to be traine and rolle out to production. An example is the history of the creation of the Oleg voice assistant from Tinkoff. To take into account all the text requests of customers developers collect big data. The more data the more accurately the language model determines the meaning of what was said. It is difficult to say how much such a model should be traine before the release of the first version.

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The process can take hundres of hours on the GPU. And on the CPU and at all thousands. You also nee to periodically evaluate the results and conduct further training of the model if necessary. Some companies can afford large time costs and some cannot. Therefore the release of the GPU in Manage Kubernetes is especially relevant for companies that value Angola Email List development spee instead of wasting time and money on expensive processor power in ML it is better to use the GPU. Starting a cluster with a video card With Manage Kubernetes you can create a GPU cluster in a few steps Register in the Selectel control panel and create a cluster in the desire region Choose one of the fixe GPU node configurations.

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After creating a cluster you will have access to nodes with installe drivers for the correct operation of the GPU. Participants of the meetup deicate to infrastructure migration share their experience of moving and sent anonymous fakups to us by mail. The IT Cell Number Manage Services team at Selectel broke down the most common ones and gave basic migration tips. Treat migration as a complete project with strategy and deadlines Two common mistakes were made here they put all the work on one person himself and did not think through a clear migration plan with stages and deadlines before the start. How to fix it. First separate the responsibilities. Migration should be handle by at least two people a project manager and a performer.

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