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The landing page or website also works but ultimately the delivery services come to a fullflege store. Here it is better to save on design and use a readymade template but it is better to choose a paid CMS for example Bitrix UMI. Consider the following points A functional catalog in which dishes from the menu are divide into sections categories and subcategories. Formation of groups of goods according to the given samples. This will play a role in the search engine optimization of the site. Each dish is place in a separate product card in which prices are forme depending on the size grams composition of the dish.

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Ordering takes place in the same way as in an online store. Adding goods to the cart placing an order. Add a button Order in one click. Integration of the site with the customer accounting system CRM. Each order is sent to the program which captures the San Marino Email List entere information of the customer name phone number address email. The presence of a template of information pages where thematic content promotions special offers reports on events etc. will be publishe. While the site is still being create place a page with information about the company on the registere domain. Write what services you will provide contact information and the date of the project launch.

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Place forms for adding visitors to social network groups. Add this page to search engines install counters. When promoting in search engines the age of the IT Cell Number site matters. It reports not from the date of registration of the domain but from the moment the sites pages get into the index. Therefore the create page will be perceive by search engines as a fullflege site. CRM clients relationship management customer management system CRM client relationship management To manage orders and customers cloud solutions are use the most popular of which are Bitrix amo CRM Retail CRM.

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