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The tail of the request adds details to the specifier for example inexpensive free in Moscow. Sample requests in three parts cell phone samsung cheap cell phone screensaver download cell phone repair in moscow. Types of search queries Requests are divide into types according to the following criteria frequency reflects the number of impressions per month per user request competition. How much the phrase is in demand among marketers. So that the site is shown on it in the TOP according to the nees of the user. What problem does the person want to solve by asking this search query geodependence.

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The response to a query is tie to a region in a geographical sense seasonality the request reflects a temporary nee or a permanent one. According to the frequency of impressions requests are divide into three types Lowfrequency queries LF the frequency of impressions which are less than impressions per month. Meiumfrequency requests MF requests Jamaica Email List with a frequency of impressions of times a month are more often. Highfrequency queries HF the number of their impressions is more than . The figures given may differ depending on the niche. In some the demand is higher and requests with a frequency of may be classifie as midfrequency. When compiling the core it is advisable to take into account not the total frequency of impressions but the phrase or exact frequency.

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More about this in the article . By competition requests are divide into Lowcompetitive NC that is requests for which the demand to be in the TOP is low. Meiumcompetitive SC for these keywords the demand is higher than for NC. Highly competitive IT Cell Number VC there are many who want to break into the top ten. The competition of a query reflects how difficult it is to reach the TOP for it. The higher it is the more difficult and more time and resources will be require for this. It is advisable to promote the site first by NC requests then move on to complex ones. At the same time high competition on demand does not mean that it has a high frequency. There are both highly competitive woofers and lowcompetition tweeters.

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