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About setting up contextual advertising A high campaign result is impossible without competent preparation. When setting up contextual messages you nee to take into account. Many conditions Geographic location of the contractor and target audience. The scheule of the company and the time of broadcasting announcements. interests of potential clients. Stop or negative keywords exclusions which when type in a search engine. Will not display a message to the user Advertising budget Reference.

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The campaign will be more successful if you target ads to services that are popular with consumers. It will help to know better the interests of the target audience by preliminary market research and testing of advertising on the network. The final adjustment Slovakia Email List after the first impressions is carrie out for those services that receive the best conversion. Thematic quizforms help to incline the site visitor to purchases and other actions useful for the seller. This is a digital analogue of a questionnaire with questions and empty fields for answers.

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Quiz example for a construction site An example of a QUIZ form for a site for the construction of houses from glue laminate timber Ask a potential client who plans to build a house about the area the number of storeys of the object the presence of a bay window IT Cell Number an attic and a porch. Offer a preliminary calculation of the building according to the information provide. Or ask to leave an email to send an estimate. Read more about how to increase the conversion of a resource in the article chips for a construction site . Development of a multipage site and optimization The resource on the CMS contains several web pages has a complex structure and more opportunities for SEO promotion of the construction site.

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