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That is a high performance network of a CDN provider is use to transfer content. When transmitting streaming videos that are recorde in Live mode after receiving the next packet of video data origins immeiately relay it to border nodes from which video content is downloade by nearby users. This provides almost instantaneous loading of heavy files. How to organize the distribution of content Lets see how to do this using the example of the CDN service in Selectel Go to the CDN section in the control panel Click Create CDN resource creating a cdn resource.

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Enter the name of the resource select the provider Selectel also offers a CDN from Akamai . choice of provider . Specify the content source the domain of your site for example from where the CDN will take static files Click Create CDN resource . The CDN provider will create a default domain from which content will be distribute. The client can then Western Sahara Email List change the default domain to a custom domain. Read more about how to work with Content Delivery Network in Selectel in the knowlege base . Thats all now when the page is loade all statics first of all images animation video will be loade by the distribute infrastructure of the CDN provider.

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At the same time it is not at all necessary to use the server base of the site owner to load static content. It is much more convenient to set up distribution directly from the cloud storage Selectel also has this option which provide faster and more stable downloads of heavy files. Try Selectel CDN From To plug How does a CDN know where the nearest caching IT Cell Number server is. To reirect users to the nearest points of presence there are two solutions GeoDNS and AnyCast. How GeoDNS Works When a user queries your DNS server it looks up the users location base on their public IP address in the query packet and finds the closest point of presence to that location. The technology is base on an algorithm for converting an IP address into geographic coordinates.

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