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In clusters an application can run on several nodes at once for load balancing scaling and fault tolerance. Docker Swarm VS Kubernetes The very fact of comparing K s and Docker Swarm takes place although they approach container management rather from opposite sides. Its undeniable that boxe Docker is easy to install but with everything relate to container administration already K s has prove to be easier and more convenient to use since it is a comprehensive tool. Next we will conduct a comparative analysis of the critical components that affect the choice of an orchestrator.

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Autoscaling Autoscaling is neee not only at times of peak loads on the infrastructure so that no one feels a delay in the work of services. Autoscaling also saves money. The main thing is to turn off additional nodes in time and reistribute allocate resources when it is no longer relevant. Scaling in Docker Swarm is manual. First for each service the number of Cambodia Email List tasks to run is written. When the control node notices changes it adapts itself and reistributes tasks to achieve the desire configuration. Autoscaling in K s is base on CPU and RAM consumption and more recently using custom metrics and is available at three levels Horizontal autoscaling HPA relies on the selecte values ​​and changes the number of container groups pods.

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Vertical autoscaling VPA controls the amount of resources allocate to already running containers. Autoscaling of the cluster itself and the number of nodes inside. Safety The issue of security for containers has always been debatable. The most common problems can be considere errors in the configuration. When the cluster is already deploye IT Cell Number both orchestrators can use a special Vault solution on top of the built in secret system. Each node in Docker Swarm is protecte by TLS authentication and encryption. Communication between nodes is most often the problem area. Kubernetes is actively developing a network policy settings system and the use of namespaces. In the latest versions of K s the orchestrator has consolidate protection at all three levels control panel worker node and Cluster network.

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