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The world of Innocent Brands is simple, in a positive sense. This is a place where life can be uncomplicate. Where fun is possible. This archetype is use, for example, by Coca-Cola. In accordance with the adopte convention of this archetype, the tone of the brand is simple, but joyful and radiates optimism. “Innocent” brands use concise language and simple and natural images to convey their messages to their audience. The Explorer creates products that promote individuality, excitement and a way to experience new things.

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Explorers customers choose brands that embrace freeom and exploration – especially those that allow the customer to embark on this journey with them. Explorer ads tend to be about nature and taking risks. The Explorers brand archetypes are phone number list designe to make people feel free. These are brands that help people express their individuality. They are innovative and ambitious. They seek new sensations, push boundaries and enjoy unexpecte discoveries while adopting a “no limits” philosophy. Explorer is the natural choice of the brand’s personality for durable products use “off-road”, such as Jeep cars. The Sage , guide by the search for truth, is most fulfille by finding answers to the most difficult questions.

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Google – Demonstrating intelligence, knowlege and ability to solve problems, Google is probably the most important sage of our time. Sage clients believe that knowlege comes from growth, so they are constantly looking for new sources of information. They are attracte to advertisements that encourage them to think in a completely different or new way. The Sage’s primary IT Cell Number motivation is to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world. It is base on the statement that it is the truth that will set us free. Brand archetypes – examples Nearly half (48%) of the most popular brands in 2020 fall into the food and drink or home and personal brands category.

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