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On the left side is the Selectel infrastructure. The network from the client VM lands on a virtual router which is create inside our infrastructure through the panel. The client orders Global Connect for example from AWS and specifies the desire points of presence. Selectel is laying two channels marke in bold black on the diagram through a group of our partners. Both channels are independent. One goes from Moscow to Stockholm the second from St. Petersburg to another data center in Stockholm as the main hub. Then through a partner you join AWS. The second connection is locate in Amsterdam. If the client has AWS then there must be an instance with VPC.

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Next comes Amazon itself. When customers order Global Connect we agree on an account id which AWS points of presence in Europe to send these channels to what bandwidth this channel should be and so on. Advantages of the solution Global Connect connects with all major partners. A comprehensive solution that includes a number of practices for data Cyprus Email List protection and system performance. High data transfer rate. Cons of the solution The Global Connect service itself is more expensive than Site to Site VPN but users can save on traffic costs. Features of the Global Connect Solution Cost from rubles. for Mbps. Fault tolerance. All channels are independent of the public internet. Who suits . This solution is more suitable for teams that nee spee and independence from the public Internet.

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As In A Microservice Organization

In addition the solution represents a lower entry threshold in terms of team competencies a minimum of independent settings. You can see more information on how the service works here . Site to Site VPN on Virtual Machines We can say that this solution IT Cell Number is more software base than Global Connect. The scheme is implemente through the public Internet. With this solution you can connect any two points on the network that have public addresses. The advantage of this solution is that only two virtual machines are neee for implementation which will work as VPN gateways at these two endpoints. This diagram shows a cloud native solution to the problem of connecting VMs and networks in different clouds. We talk about how to set up this type of connection in the instructions.

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