Becoming a top Lazada seller gives you an edge in the market, not only in terms of customer reach but also in becoming qualified for tools that can further increase your conversion rate and overall standing as a Lazada seller. Lazada CEM is just one of these conversion-boosting tools. Read on to find out what it is and how you can use it for your business.

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What is Lazada CEM?

Lazada CEM stands for Lazada Customer Engagement Management. This is a tool only available to eligible Lazada sellers (We will talk about qualifications later in this article).

This tool is designed to be an Latest Mailing Database incentive for high performing sellers. With this tool, they will be able to proactively reach specific customers and followers as a way to increase conversions.

With Lazada CEM, you can do the following:

  • Start a chat with prospects and customers
  • Send group messages
  • Zinc messages to different group segments

How Does Lazada CEM Work And How Can It Help Your Business?

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Regardless of one’s efforts and skills in sales and marketing, sellers may still encounter some “almost sold it” moments.

That’s when Lazada CEM stepped in. This tool allows sellers to push their “almost sold it” moments into actual conversions.

Here are some explicit scenarios from where Lazada CEM is useful:

  • The customer made an order but has not paid (if the order remains unpaid, it will be automatically canceled by Lazada. Hence, loss in sales)
  • Customers who added your product to their cart but haven’t placed an order yet (these customers are interested in your product but somehow have little motivation to push an order)
  • Some of your old followers haven’t made a purchase from your shop yet
  • Someone orders your product. The product has just been delivered but for some reason, he has not inspected your item.

So how can Lazada CEM help your business?

If selling is difficult, selling online IT Cell Number can be even more difficult. That’s because you can’t go face-to-face with a customer to give them one last push that will convince him or her to make a purchase. But with Lazada CEM, you can proactively reach customers who show interest in your brand or products.