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SEO traffic should logically be cheaper than advertising traffic since it makes no sense to pay for it if it is easier to get clicks immeiately without waiting for results from optimization. Marketers also offer promotion for leads. This type of cooperation is suitable for both SEO and contextual advertising. In this case marketers offer the cost of a lead for which they are ready to cooperate. How to understand the cost per conversion. For example the performer announce that he was ready to generate requests for rubles. Focus on the sales funnel. If every fifth person who applies becomes a client take a negative scenario for example every th lead will buy.

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Will a client for ten thousand rubles be profitable for the company. If the company earns less on the client then the cost is inadequate ask for a reuction in prices or look for other contractors. Conclusion In conclusion I would like to once again voice the important points when looking for a marketer in order to find contractors without nerves problems and Lebanon Email List with a focus on the planne result. Plan the result that suits the company in terms of the amount of traffic from the search the number of hits and what advertising budget you are willing to allocate. This will allow when discussing with the contractor to speak in a language understandable to the customer and discuss the strategy for achieving these indicators.

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Determine the advertising budget and look for a marketer who is ready to complete the task for this money. At the start it is advisable to work with IT Cell Number remote performers. We ask the contractor to provide a checklist that determines the degree of completion of the task and the timing of the work. Use this checklist and monthly reports to control the work. In the reports record the dynamics of indicators and how close they are to the planne result. Control the deadlines for achieving results if the contractor does not approach the declare result within the specifie time change the terms of cooperation or the contractor.

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