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Marketing services cost photo Guarantees What can not be guarantee in SEO Holding a specific position on a specific word for a set period. Search engine search results often change. algorithms are tweake and after reaching the first places the site may again go beyond the first page of the issue. It will require another analysis of the TOP and the identification of new ranking factors the assessment of competitors for the introduction of new tools that affect the behavior of visitors. Retention in the TOP list of requests for example out.

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When moving through such a core it is advisable to focus on visibility of e for them. Some requests come in others fly off and the optimizer has a lag in time and resource for processing optimize pages. If the SEO specialist offers such guarantees then ask them to be written in the contract because. not always the guarantees from the Commercial offer are Laos Email List containe in the signe agreement. In search engine optimization when discussing guarantees it is useful to consider on the volume of traffic from the search for visibility of more than e for the core queries positive dynamics by keywords carrying out work on the site according to the provide list with the number of adde pages texts etc. the presence of hits from the search no sanctions from Yandex and Google.

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What cannot be guarantee in Contextual Advertising Keeping ads in Premium Impressions within the same bid for a specific keyword. An auction works in the context and the marketer estimating the cost of entering the top search block receives rates IT Cell Number from the search engine at the time of the analysis. The number of advertisers is constantly changing and players with a serious budget can enter the competition and the rate will increase. The specific cost of a lead. They set limits or frameworks for the benchmark then the marketer with an increase in the cost of calls above the specifie one can experiment with strategies to achieve an acceptable result.

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