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That is why SMR drives are use to work with cold data. Such information is requeste relatively rarely constant interaction with the system is not necessary. Disk Specifications As far as one can judge the new drives are base on the technologies of the previous HDD line. In particular the Exos X models with a capacity of TB which went on sale in December . How different the new discs are is not yet clear the company did not provide detaile information.

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However the Exos X is known to use . TB Perpendicular Magnetic Recording PMR platters. The same technology in fact was use to create a line of models with a volume of TB. More is known about them. For example they use D Magnetic Recording TDMR Grenada Email List to handle high density data recording. The disk case is fille with helium and the block consists of heads with support for Two dimensional magnetic recording TDMR technology. The density of helium is times lower than the density of air which reuces the friction force acting on the magnetic plates inside the hard drives.

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Also replacing with helium reuces the force of gas flows which affects the positioning of heads and disk platters. All together this allows you to increase the capacity of the HDD and significantly improve the total cost of ownership for the data center. The IT Cell Number main difference of the new disk is precisely in the SMR technology which made it possible to increase the disk capacity by from to TB. The recording density on a single platter is about Gb in . SMR disks have two types of data write control. The first is done using the controller of the disk itself. Seagate has Drive Manage disks. The second type is control using the software of the PC to which the disk is connecte. New models from Seagate belong to the second type.

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