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Yandex does not officially recognize the punishment for affiliation but still there is an opinion that the search engine applies sanctions to affiliates for the following factors daughters have the same contact details duplicate information directories IP addresses match mutual linking of affiliates the same resource structure common CMS content management system. Signs and verification It is impossible to check the resource for the affiliate filter but if only one of your several cannibal sites appears in the search results its true that the rest have been sanctione.

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What to do Stop cannibalizing the issuance divide resources into separate niches and promote them for different requests make different contacts for each branch change the structure and layout so that the daughters do not look like twin sisters split branches Indonesia Email List into several domains with different owners. IPC The Least Useful Content MPK filter from Yandex arrives for intrusive and manipulative advertising. If advertising makes up more than e of all content the content of the site does not bring any benefit to the visitor and banners interfere or even worse mimic important navigation elements then this is a sure way to sanctions.

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Remember how annoying all these flashing calls to destroy parasites and increase everything that can be increase how annoying popup windows are any click on which throws you where you do not nee to. You want to stay away from such dumps so search IT Cell Number engines dont like them either. According to some observations sites with AdSense ad units Googles contextual advertising service also fall under the IPC although Yandex denies this. If everything is fine with advertising and you are still under sanctions for the IPC the problem may be in the quality of the content. IPC filter notification screenshot Signs and verification IPC is a host filter so the entire site sags in the search results traffic drops and a notification comes to the Webmaster service.

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