From Osaka the journey is slightly longer

How to get to Koka Getting to Koka from Japan’s major cities is easy if you use your Japan Rail Pass .

The Ninja Village is a 30-minute walk from Koka Station . Alternatively, there is a shuttle bus that leaves from the north entrance of the station, or alternatively, you can take a taxi. Due to the distance between area attractions, some choose to rent a car.

Once used by these legendary fighters , in the middle of a mighty forest. Once there, you can see the people of the village showing off the hidden compartments and trap doors built into one of the ninja houses.

Things to do in Ninja Village The Koka Ninja Village consists

Afterwards, You Can Train for a While to Improve Whatsapp Mobile Number List Your Combat Skills. Trying to Imitate the Ninja Style, as You Will Be Offered to Try. A Shuriken and Given. Various Targets to Score, in a Nine-stage Obstacle Course. If You Are Brave, You Can Try to Climb. The Walls and Walk Through. The Water Using the Real Ninja Tools.

Please Note That the Ninja. Village is Closed on Mondays .

The ticket price is ¥1,030.

Koka Ninja Mansion
In your excursion to Koka you can include other Ninja-themed activities. The Ninja Mansion (Ninja house) is a house almost 300 years old. This mansion is equipped with trap doors, secret passages and devices to protect the residents or escape easily. The exhibits give information about the life and fighting.

Style of the ninja In addition you can also practice your aim with the shuriken

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The Ninja House is a twenty-minute walk from JR Konan IT Cell Number Station . It closes every year from December 27 to January 2. Admission is ¥650, and an information brochure in English is available upon request.

Your next vacation in Nippon country will be one to remember if you add Koka Village to your itinerary! You can appreciate the authenticity of these places by comparing them to the commercial ninja rides found in many amusement parks . You’ll see what a difference!

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