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Audit of the site current advertising campaigns. Forecasts of achieve results growth dynamics. Monthly report Contractors whose commercial proposals are of interest ask them to send an example of a monthly report. First reporting is a must. Secondly the report reflects the work done the results achieve. Pay attention to changes in the pages of the site. Do not accept works like audit done analysis carrie out because this is done by the contractor in order. To understand how to finalize the advertisement or website later. Graphs transcripts and visitor segments are secondary.

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This is for a marketer who base on this decision makes decisions on working with advertising campaigns or adjusting a promotion strategy. The indicator of the contractors work the site has been change. By SEO and Context this is reflecte in the report. At a Kyrgyzstan Email List minimum the contractor has prepare a TOR on what to finalize on the site for the customers employees as a maximum he changes the pages himself. If no action is taken on the site ask why. It will not be possible to set up an advertising campaign correctly or optimize the site without making changes to the pages. If you have not previously dealt with website promotion in a search engine then improvements will be visible to an unprepare user.

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Monthly report screenshot How much to pay marketers At the beginning of the rates are as follows Fulltime marketers thousand rubles. Freelancer thousand rubles. Studios thousand rubles. The cost is indicate for the work of an optimizer director without an advertising budget. The more experience the company has and the popularity in the market IT Cell Number the higher the cost. At the same time the brand is not a sign of quality. As mentione above people will work on the project and the result depends on the marketer. And with what qualification the employee will work on the project is difficult to preict. It is advisable to focus on the budget. The digital services market is wide enough to find a performer who will achieve results within a given budget Moscow studios those locate near Moscow in regions where prices are lower with highquality performance.

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