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With the help of Yandex. Metrica you can find the weak points of your site. From visitors to conversions turn traffic into money. The purpose of the promotion is to appeal to the company. If the site has traffic but no hits then the benefit to the company is zero. There are several important points to consider in order for visitors to become customers. social proof Convince your potential buyers that they will be satisfie with the quality when they contact your company.

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Post real testimonials from satisfie customers leave their contact information so anyone can check it out. Post all your awards certificates and other supporting documents from third parties that you can only receive and not make yourself. This inspires Guadeloupe Email List confidence as it can also be verifie. Post photos of employees office warehouse production exhibitions conferences etc. Call for Action Demand actions from your visitors. Post calls for exactly what they should do and how. They should understand where to click and where to go to get a product or service Call Order a consultation Add to cart Calculate online Leave a review Watch the presentation Sign up for a test drive.

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Instructions should be clear and simple. Special offer In most areas it is possible to offer your potential customers some kind of service or product at a IT Cell Number minimal cost or for free. Internet users are constantly in search and study offers from different sites. Most of them are not ready to buy right away first they select a service or product then they study the companies that offer them. With your special offer for free or at a very low price you can prove to the client that you can be truste.

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