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Contextual advertising effectively sells popular services. For example washing tuning repair vehicle inspection etc. But the brand sells expensive services. And if the image of a car service has not yet been develope and the name is not wellknown. It is better to sell expensive services in a workshop. When a client sees the quality of work good equipment and professionals it is easier for him to entrust a large amount of money.

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Search engine Yandex and Google have their own powerful services for analytics Tracking traffic sources Visitor demographic tracking Analysis of the interests of visitors and conversions and ad adjustment Yandex maps Yandex maps for car service promotion Yandex. Maps is the best promotion tool for offline businesses. Auto repair shops as well as cafes Zimbabwe Email List restaurants and shops are most often searche for using Yandex Maps. And the presence here is mandatory for a car service. Yandex receives information for search results on maps from its own service Yandex. Directory. To take a high position in your region be sure to indicate the maximum information about yourself Website address location and contacts list of services working mode workshop photo Promotion in Yandex.

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Maps is more difficult to evaluate because often the client comes directly to the workshop and not to the site. There are enough statistics here more than of Web users are looking for any offline services through Yandex Maps. This figure is enough to take care IT Cell Number of your presence in the service. Car service aggregators With the growth in the number of web resources large thematic aggregators have appeare that collect information about companies and websites. Car service aggregators help users quickly navigate through this mass of offers find a company by location type and cost of services terms etc. The largest aggregators Auto autosto or autoautoservice Yandex.

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