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To measure query competition the number of pages of sites in the search results is compare. The more results found in the search engine database the higher the competition is considere. The query order stretch ceilings in Moscow in Yandex found million relevant pages. Below is the total word frequency impressions per month. The number of documents found on request in Yandex screenshot At the request to order stretch ceilings in. Moscow inexpensively Yandex found million pages. Below is the word frequency impressions per month.

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The number of results found for a query in. Yandex screenshot It turns out that the second request with a lower frequency but higher competition. Also competition for requests is determine by the rate per click in contextual advertising for example Yandex Direct Cost of keywords in Yandex. Direct screenshot According to the forecast of the average rate it can Japan Email List be seen that the less frequent phrase order stretch ceilings in Moscow is higher than the more frequent phrase order stretch ceilings. Also marketers use complex methods in which in addition to the pages in the issue and the assigne bid indicators such as the number of entries in the TOP main pages of the site direct occurrences of the query in the title of pages from the TOP the cost of a request on reference exchanges and aggregators the number of backlinks to a page that is relevant to the query.

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In this case professional services and programs are use to analyze competition. According to the nees of the client intent phrases are divide into Transactional commercial queries that trace the users intention to buy order a thing a service. Informational IT Cell Number a person is trying to find information a recipe for a cake the date the city was founde instructions for use. General in such phrases the intention is not expresse for example cake window. The search engine gives a spectral output that mixes commercial and informational pages. Navigational search for objects addresses local history museum hero cinema meeting cafe. Multimeia a kind of information in which the user is looking for photos and videos of a given topic.

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