How Many Digits Are Australian Phone Numbers

Australian phone numbers are composed of ten digits and are formatted in a specific way. The format for Australian phone numbers is as follows:

  • The first digit is always a “0”
  • The next two digits indicate the area code, which is also known as the “STD code”
  • The remaining seven digits are the actual phone number

What Does Australian Phone Number Look Like

For example, a typical Australian phone number might look like this: 02 1234 5678. In this example, “02” is the area code for the city of Sydney.

The area codes in Australia are assigned based on geographic location. For example, the area code for Melbourne is 03, the area code for Brisbane Australia Phone Number List is 07, and the  area code for Perth is 08. There are also some special area codes that are used for specific purposes. For example, the area code 13 is used for special services like information hotlines, while the area code 1800 is used for toll-free numbers.

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How Many Digits Is Australia Phone Number

It’s important to note that when dialing an Australian phone number from outside the country, you need to include the country code, which is”. So if you were dialing the example number above from outside Australia, you would dial.

In summary, Australian phone numbers are ten IT Cell Number digits long and are composed of a “0” followed by a two-digit area code and a seven-digit phone number. When dialing from outside Australia, the country code of” must be included.

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