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In the process of effectively defining the audience, Google Analytics will be a very valuable tool. It collects all the data that will be of interest to you when getting to know your customers – current and potential. Thanks to this tool you will find out who the people visiting your website are. GA will indicate where they live, what age they are, what language they speak, what interests them on the website and what subpages they most like to see. It will also indicate how users move around the site, why they leave it and where the traffic to the site comes from.

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With Google Analytics you will also learn what tools are use by users who visit your website. Target group – selection criteria There are several key criteria that make it much easier to determine who the target group is. The first and at the same Latest Mailing Database time the most obvious are geographical criteria . Where do your customers come from? From which country, region, province or city? Do they live in the city or in the countryside? How big is this city? How far is it from your business? Answer these questions to effectively select your target group. We recommend Once you’ve define your geographic criteria, move on to the next one, which is demographic criteria .

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Here, attention should be paid in particular to: age, gender, eucation, occupation, earnings, household size, nationality, generation and social class. Determining these features will allow you to better understand the consumer preferences IT Cell Number of the target group. The next category is psychographic criteria , those that define personality, lifestyle and professe values. They are not as easy to grasp as geographical or demographic criteria, but they are definitely worth specifying, because they are very important for consumer inclinations. Finally, a few words about behavioral criteria . Well, they concern the purchasing behavior of consumers and can provide many valuable tips regarding the target group and how they behave in relation to your offer in various communication channels.

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