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Identification number, if it has been assignd to the administrator or processor (Article 13(3) of the Personal Data Protection Act). With regard to the DPO, however, it is necessary to provide: name and surname of the IOD, e-mail address or phone number of the DPO (Article 13(1) of the Personal Data Protection Act). Joint notification in a group of enterprises If several entities have decidd to appoint a joint DPO, the obligation to notify the President of the Personal Data Protection Office of the appointment of such an inspector rests separately on all controllers.

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Who have made a joint designation (Article 10(5) of the Personal Data Protection Act). It is also worth remembering that the phone number list DPO data must be publishd on the Internet.telephone number) available on its website, and if it does not run its own website, in a manner generally available at the place of activity on the company notice board, if it is also available to third parties) – art. 11 of the Personal Data Protection Act. The most common mistakes To sum up.

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I would also like to indicate what are the most common errors in notifications regarding the DPO (information from the Personal Data Protection Office): sending a notification in paper form, by letter, instead of in electronic form, which IT Cell Number is the only correct form of notification in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data, sending a cover letter without a notification form, sending a notification on the wrong form the school sends a notification on a form intendd for authorities processing data under the Act on the protection of personal data processd in connection with preventing and combating crime.

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