How To Best Use Ad Extensions

One of the most underutilized tools in google adwords are ad extensions. Adwords’ ad extensions are a free tool that allows you to deliver relevant information to potential customers and take up more real estate on the search engine results page (serp). You’re able to show additional links to your site, your location, phone number, and other types of information.

Including ad extensions also helps increase your ad’s ctr. In my blog today, I want to go over four of the most popular adwords ad extensions: site links, location, call, and callout. You can use all these different types of extensions to improve the performance of your online ads.

Make sure the read my last two articles about standard text ads and choosing keywords if you’d like to find out more information before jumping into ad extensions.

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What are they? Call extensions make it easy for customers to call your phone number directly from the ad. They also allow you to measure the phone calls that your ad generates. Below is an example of how they look on a mobile device.

Why should you use it? Just like buying phone numbers every other ad extension, call extensions get you additional real estate within a search result. Call extensions also give the customers a direct line of contact to you and your business. If a majority of your business is done through phone calls, call extensions make the connection between you and your customers quick and easy.

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Why should you use them? Some of the benefits of using site links are that you’re able to direct people to more specific pages on your website. Adding site links also improves your ad’s quality score, which will help the ad serve to more relevant users, all without paying a premium.

Location extensions
What are they? Location extensions allow IT Cell Number you to add location data about your business to your ad. In the example below, 3209 s louise ave, sioux falls is the clickable location extension. If you were to click on it, google maps would open in a new tab with the address entered in the search bar.

Why should you use them? Location extensions are a great way to show people where your business is located. If your business has a physical location and the best way for you to convert sales is for people to come into your store, location extensions help potential customers not only find your store but influence them to learn more about your business.

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