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The organization card will be shown in the first places in the lists of organizations upon request. Social networks retargeting VKontakte an example of targete advertising. The next step is to attract the target audience in social networks. Are launching retargeting ads on VK and FB. Select the audience to which the ad will be shown first of all close to the service. We find direct competitors in the city that is who provides services for the delivery of dishes of similar cuisine. We select organizations for the delivery of food.

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For example if you have pizza delivery look for burger delivery custom cakes local bakeries etc. You can also launch impressions in test mode to audiences that use paid services in other areas we single out members of such groups Fitness centers Shopping centers Beauty Salons Paid meical centers taxi services Flowers Local clothing showrooms. Additionally Scotland Email List we put a pixel on the site and set up ad impressions for those who visite it. If you have a budget you can try to target the audience of the city with a sample by age by gender. In advertisements use pictures of food or how it is consume. Photographs are welcome to take your own.

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Repost contests are a tool for turning a client into an advertising agent. When a client reposts a contest on their wall their followers see ads. And the creibility of the publication will be higher because. it looks like a personal recommendation. We mark the link IT Cell Number to the site from the groups with a UTM tag. After spending the advertising budget we analyze it by the metric of achieving the goals for placing orders basket and oneclick. Base on the metric we single out groups of visitors who have complete targete actions and on these grounds we more accurately target advertising in social networks.

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