To create luminosity masks in Photoshop

Open the images you want to blend as separate layers in Photoshop. b. Go to Select Color Range, and select “Highlights,” “Midtones,” or “Shadows” to create a luminosity selection. c. Use the selection to refine adjustments or blending on specific areas of the image. Content-Aware Fill and Patch Tool When merging images with unwanted elements or distractions, Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill and Patch Tool come to the rescue.

They enable you to remove or replace

Objects seamlessly, ensuring a clean and natural-looking composition. To use Content-Aware Fill and Patch Tool in  Shadow and Reflection Photoshop: a. Select the area you want to remove or replace using a selection tool. b. Go to Edit > Content-Aware Fill, and Photoshop will automatically generate replacement content based on the surrounding areas.

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Use the Patch Tool to manually select an

Area to sample and cover the unwanted elements. Align and Distribute When blending multiple images or elements, alignment is crucial for creating a seamless composition. Photoshop’s Align and Distribute IT Cell Number options allow you to precisely position and arrange layers, ensuring a perfect fit. To use Align and Distribute in Photoshop.

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