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Ready databases of search phrases Bookvarix is ​​an online base for selecting phrases that works in modes Collection of phrases in the direction for example roller shutters. Enter words and get phrases with their participation. Collection of phrases by domain name. Enter the site of competitors and get phrases for which the competitor is ranke. Service Bukvarix The service is convenient in that it gives out phrases of types of frequency general and exact.

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When collecting information on the domain it also gives out the position of the site on requests. In minute you can get tens of thousands of phrases to work with. Data can be downloade in CSV format. Pastukhov databases contain trillion phrases. Information is collecte from Wordstat and Direct services therefore in addition to the frequency of requests it contains information on rates in contextual advertising. Screenshot of the site with Shepherds bases Namibia Email List Search terms of competitors For those who decide to copy someone elses business it is useful to get the search phrases of competitors for work. Thus the semantics that generate targete search traffic are quickly selecte. For existing projects new points of growth and scaling are selecte with the help of competitor analysis services.

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SemRash is a service that collects data from search engines and organizes it for Internet marketers. In online mode a semantic core is quickly compile divide into groups positions are tracke by words. Competitor data is also displaye phrases for which IT Cell Number they are in the TOP popular queries and site entry pages backlinks. Service Semrush SpyWords is a similar service minus a technical audit. Shows phrases by destinations and domain names. Displays competitors queries in organic search results and for which contextual advertising is shown. There is a Battle of Domains section where when sites are entere intersections for search phrases are compare. It is use to search for new directions in which to attract search traffic.

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