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Stack and its disadvantages Stacking and L reundancy came into daily practice from business. Stacking first became widespread on switches such as the Cisco Catalyst . With Cisco StackWise technology it was possible to combine up to nine Catalyst switches into one logical switch. Moreover with high performance from Gb s to Gb s which is not bad by modern standards. Catalyst . Source Gradually the technology gaine popularity and was implemente by different vendors. However not all. What is the name of Stack for different vendors The table forgot to mention Arista.

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What is the name of their stacking technology write in the comments. Stacking Benefits Each vendor has its own stackable switches but the following advantages can be distinguishe for all Connection from to switches . A single control address is a common control plane . No nee to manage ten switches. It is enough to connect to one and enter the desire Bahrain Email List command. Saving uplink ports . This is now on each switch with four uplink ports. But before there were two of them and this was not enough. You can use deicate ports other than uplink for stacking. This is where the pluses end. Moreover some of them are variable in nature. Lets decipher. Cons of stacking General control plane One of the main advantages of Stack is its curse. If the master the switch through which the stack is manage goes down all other switches may suffer.

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There are other scenarios as well. For example if the Stack has an even number of switches then when one of the links falls the stack can break in half. The result is that Stack cant determine a new master and goes down completely. At least this is how it works on Juniper switches. Difficulty in selecting the right stack cables The stacking method depends on IT Cell Number the model of switches use The first option is using specially deicate ports. The second option is through Ethernet copper patch cords and ports connecte in this way which are previously declare ports for stacking. The third option is using cables with GBIC SFP etc. connectors. In the first stacking option special cables are use. They nee to be purchase somewhere and planne for their crossing in advance. It is important not to make a mistake with the lengths of each of them.

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