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Its key feature is that it can filter not only at the level of protocols and ports but also at the level of applications and their functions. This allows you to more successfully repel attacks and block malicious activity. Also unlike a firewall such as Unifie threat management NGFW has a more detaile configuration of security policies and solutions for large businesses. Main functions of Next generation firewall Lets talk about the main security features for all NGFW. Deep Packet Inspection DPI is a technology that performs detaile packet analysis.

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Unlike classic firewall rules this technology allows you to perform packet analysis at the upper levels of the OSI model. In addition DPI performs behavioral analysis of traffic which allows you to recognize applications that do not use pre known headers and data structures. Intrusion Detection System Intrusion Prevention System IDS IPS is an intrusion Germany Email List detection and prevention system. Firewall blocks and filters traffic while IPS IDS detects intrusion and alerts system administrator or prevents attack as configure. Antivirus . Provides real time protection against viruses and spyware detects and neutralizes malware on various platforms URL filtering or web filter is the ability to block access to sites or other web applications by a keyword in the address.

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SSL Inspection . Allows the next generation firewall to establish an SSL session with the client and server. Thanks to this it is possible to view encrypte traffic and apply security policies to it. Antispam is a feature that allows you to protect corporate users from phishing and spam emails application control . Use to restrict access to applications their IT Cell Number features or entire categories of applications. All this uses the functions of monitoring the status of applications launche by the user in real time. Web Application Firewall a set of rules and policies aime at preventing attacks on web applications User authentication the ability to configure individual rules for each user or group Sandboxing.

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