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Some programmers however even after launching the site forget that it nees to be activate for indexing Useragent disallow The result of such an irresponsible attitude is sad. Traffic does not increase in addition the resource cannot be in high positions in the search results lists since search engines simply do not see it. It is difficult for a person without experience to understand that the problem in this situation lies in a small file it is not correcte or reconfigure which is why the problem drags on for months.

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At the same time the site looks attractive fille with interesting uptodate information but there is no traffic and hits and it does not bring profit. Our company takes this into account. If a firm is approache to promote a project then first we carefully check whether South Africa Email List an index text file has been create at the root and whether its settings have been correctly configure. How to set up robots correctly To keep the behavior of search bots under control the Useragent command is use. Lets consider the most frequent examples of its application peculiar appeals to bots that perform search functions Useragent the command behind the line applies to all search bots.

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Useragent Yandex Bot version focuse on Yandex robots. User agent Googlebot analogue for Google Useragent Disallow prohibits indexing by all search robots. Disallow this is a general command that indicates the prohibition of indexing for all IT Cell Number bots. Useragent Disallow admin the command prevents bots from working with a folder that only administrators have access to the admin directories. Allow in turn is an indexing permission command. User agent Googlebot Disallow strawberry a command that prohibits a specific bot in this case Google from indexing the strawberry folder. But this one just allows indexing Allow strawberryimages.

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