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This is usually a consensus between what the company will lose due to downtime and what it will spend to achieve the desire RPO and RTO metrics. There are companies for example large banks whose potential reputational and financial costs in the event of a downtime will always cover the costs of organizing Disaster Recovery at the highest level. And there is a business that is more profitable to lie down than to increase the check for infrastructure. Determining RTO and RPO metrics is part of the Disaster Recovery Plan DRP for IT systems.

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Ideally any company should have such a plan regardless of the scale and specifics of the business. We will write about it in more detail. Does everyone nee Disaster Recovery. Not everyone nees disaster recovery. It is necessary for companies where reputational and financial losses during service downtime are unacceptable. Lets look at a few Armenia Email List examples. big bank There was an accident on the main site customers cannot enter the mobile application and personal accounts. The service is unavailable for minutes individuals cannot pay for purchases and transfer money to love ones legal entities cannot make the necessary transactions. When restoring the system it turne out that the transaction data for the last hour was lost.

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Managers grab their heads customers go to another bank. Food delivery service In the area of ​​​​the data center where the service infrastructure is locate there was a shutdown. Users cannot order products home for example the service has unsuccessfully IT Cell Number chosen a provider without a UPS and a DGU . In the hour it took to restore systems several hundre customers could not complete their orders financial losses are estimate at several hundre thousand. Half of these customers ordere delivery from competitors. The situation was finishe off by the loss of part of the data on customer orders several dozen people were waiting for their pizza for hours. Another cash tranche went to maintain customer loyalty.

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