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Its focus is on how companies should organize their work with a particular type of data. Personnel level All data leak incidents are thoroughly investigate using DLP employee traffic analysis systems. We will never know the whole truth but for example a study by the RTM Group says that employees of mobile phone stores are most often to blame for data leaks. It is better to read this news in a different way. More often than not data leaks are cause not by malware or infrastructure vulnerabilities but by personnel.

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Employees often reveal personal information accidentally when interacting with competitors or colleagues with different security clearances. In this case there is always a place for ordinary negligence and unlocke screens. Often the data is simply copie and carrie away on flash drives to be sold. Such crimes should be combate with the help of Cambodia Email List personnel policy continuous training of employees and a differentiate policy of access to personal data. Application layer Leakage of personal data can happen at the application level. The application itself can contain a lot of vulnerabilities so if a leak occurs at the application level then even a provider that fully complies with the obligations of FZ at the infrastructure level cannot influence this since this is not in its area of ​​​​responsibility.

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For example for the Selectel deicate servers service the responsibility scheme is as follows Clients area of ​​responsibility Selectels area of ​​responsibility Client Data Selectel network equipment Application software Hardware infrastructure Middleware Means of ensuring functioning power supply air conditioning etc. System software Customers IT Cell Number network equipment If the client hosts his information systems applications with personal data from the provider then he nees to make sure that the provider complies with the requirements of FZ at the infrastructure level. It is worth noting that deicate servers and clouds undergo a separate assessment of the effectiveness of the measures taken to protect personal data under FZ. For example in Selectel both the cloud and deicate servers in all data centers at the infrastructure level comply with Feeral Law and provide personal data protection up to level inclusive UZ.

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