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In contrast a proxy server establishes a connection between the client and the server thereby allowing application level validation filtering connection requests and so on. → A simple guide to the OSI networking model for beginners Most often a proxy server is an addition to a standard firewall and new generation firewalls already include all the functions of a proxy server. Conclusion In this article we looke at what a firewall is what it is use for and what types it can be. In the modern world in hardware implementation you can most often find new generation firewalls.

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Similar solutions can be rente from Selectel. Alexander Khudyakov Head of Special Projects and Client Solutions at Selectel told how the company create a new cloud platform region in Tashkent and why there were more difficulties with its iron foundation Greece Email List than with virtualization. Why Uzbekistan Selectel has long considere the possibility of providing services not only in Russia but also in neighboring countries. At that time the company had six data centers in Moscow St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region as well as a cloud region in one of the data centers in Novosibirsk. A few years ago Selectel began to explore the potential of the markets of countries close to Russia.

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There were several factors in favor of Uzbekistan Growth of digitalization in the country . In IT Park opene in Tashkent a kind of incubator for high tech startups in the country in the spirit of Skolkovo. Both its management and residents were intereste in cooperation with the infrastructure provider. IT Park in Tashkent. Source Approval of the law on the IT Cell Number storage of personal data . In the same year Uzbekistan adopte a law on the storage of personal data ZRU son an analogue of the Russian FZ . At that time local companies usually use the services of international providers such as Digital Ocean Hetzner OVH AWS. The appearance of the law obligate them to look for an infrastructure for storing personal data on the territory of Uzbekistan.

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