Japan in 10 days Freelance travel itinerary

One of the best ways to see what Japan has to offer is to explore one of its best routes: Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka. This itinerary will allow you to visit most of Japan’s well-known landmarks and at the same time get a taste of its most indigenous culture.

You will begin your trip in the wonderful modern city of Tokyo , you will cross the natural beauty of the Japanese Alps , and you will reach the traditional and ancient Kyoto . The best thing about all this? You can do it in just 10 days!

Get ready to explore the best sights in the Land of the Rising Sun

Tokyo has two airports, Haneda and Narita. However, Our 3-day Tokyo Phone Number List article provides all the detailed information you’ll need on where and how to exchange your Japan Rail Pass . To get to Tokyo city center from Narita Airport , you will need to take the Narita Express , or the Tokyo Monorail if you are coming from Haneda Airport.

Tokyo really is an amazing place that deserves to be visited! It is a melting pot between cutting edge technology and traditional Japanese culture .

From the Bustling Districts of Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku. To the Majestic Grounds of the Imperial Palace , Not to Mention. The Magnificent Sensoji Temple , Once the Home of Samurai Warriors.

The Next Destination on the Itinerary. Is Harajuku , Where You Can Visit the Meiji-jingu Shrine, Omotesando, and the Nezu Museum. However, Harajuku is the Most Cosmopolitan Neighborhood in Tokyo, Where You Can Experience Both Traditional. Japanese Culture and the Most Avant-garde Fashion.

Just by contemplating the young people who wander through its streets, dressed in the latest trends, the show is guaranteed.

To end the day head to the most popular spot in Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

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Discover a different side of Tokyo with a visit to Tsukiji Market , the IT Cell Number largest and busiest fish market in the world . For this precise reason, we recommend that you go early in the morning.

After hanging around the market, head to the Ginza area to do some shopping and eat there. The Ginza district is one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world, famous for its department stores, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

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