Keyword Research As The Foundation Of Your Shopee

Some people start the first step of becoming a Shopee seller by listing products. However, a more strategic approach is to prioritize keyword research. And while many people come to Google for keyword research, we recommend using Split Dragon’s Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Google may be the largest search engine on the internet but since your buyers mostly use Shopee as their sole search engine, you need a keyword research tool that has access to Shopee’s algorithms.

Split Dragon is an SEO and CRO software specially designed for Shopee and Lazada sellers. As such, the keyword suggestion tool bases the keyword results on Shopee’s (and Lazada’s respective) algorithms.

By incorporating Shopee-specific keywords into your product listings (and even campaigns), you will be able to successfully drive good traffic and sales to your product pages. To learn more about Split Dragon’s keyword suggestion tool, check out our post on Keyword Research: How to Find the Best Search Terms on Shopee and Lazada .

Optimize And Constantly Update Your Product Listing

List of products such as engines. They have small parts that you have to upgrade to ensure optimal machine functionality.

If the product list is a machine, then the keywords are subsets. Keyword trends can literally change overnight. No database matter how solid your keyword research is, it may become obsolete in a few months. So you have to constantly replace those keywords with new and high ranking keywords.

Product Title Keywords are also important to include in the product title. As far as is concerned, you can follow this format:  Brand Name + Product Model + Specifications + Size + Keywords for SEO Or better yet, check out our post on Selling on Shopee: The 6 Biggest Success Factors For A Shopee Seller.

Product Description


Product descriptions also play an important IT Cell Number role in your product listings. Observe these best practices:

  • Accurate (do not exaggerate or understate the product)
  • Talk about variations (if any)
  • Talk about perks/benefits and not just the technical specifications of the product
  • Find a balance between conversational and professional tone.

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