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List specific products or services of the firm. For example in the practice of the studio there was a case when a company. For sanitary equipment baths toilets sinks was promote by traffic. During the analysis it was reveale that the promotion consiste in writing. A large number of articles on requests close to their subject bathroom hooks curtains rugs etc. Therefore in fact there is a result traffic is growing and. The contractor reports about it but it turns out to be untargete and there will be no requests from it.

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Website promotion by positions If positions on approve requests appear in the promotion contract as a result provide a list of words for which the site is being promote. Since the contractor reports on positions it means that an account is registere on services Equatorial Guinea Email List like topvisor or allpositions where daily pickup is set up for approve keywords. Upload a report for the last months from there and provide analytics. Semantic core and work plan This is an integral part of the work of any studio or freelancer when promoting.

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The final version of the semantic core for approval is provide in Excel format. According to it an SEO analyst will evaluate the quality and volume of IT Cell Number queries. When a kernel optimizer with a volume of several thousand phrases is in operation it is difficult to work out a site using them in months. The list is divide into stages a work scheule is drawn up according to which section by section is gradually made. We will conduct a professional SEO audit of the site FIND OUT THE COST Progress Reports Each contractor provides a report for the month in which in addition to statistics there is a list of work carrie out on the site.

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