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The more this trend develops the more relevant the questions are what kind of technology is it how does it work and why is it so popular. Lets figure it out. IP telephony basics If the term is explaine extremely simply then IP telephony can be calle any voice communication passing through data networks in this case IP networks. It has replace the familiar analog telephony and is actively replacing the latter due to its advantages low cost ease of setting up and deploying infrastructure high quality communication security.

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Basic principles of IP telephony comparison with analog When we make a call for example via Zoom the voice signal is first converte into a data packet and compresse. Then the finishe packets are sent over the network so that the same thing happens at the other end but in the opposite direction the data packets are decode and converte into an audio signal. All this Canada Email List magic would not be possible without the presence of a large amount of various protocols. We will look at them in more detail after we answer the question of why IP telephony has gaine popularity so rapidly and almost supplante analog Advantages of IP telephony over analog Analog telephony is inefficient. Analog telephony networks do not use the full potential and capabilities of the infrastructure. VoIP telephony on the other hand uses data compression and effectively loads the data channel.

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Low resource requirements for IP telephony there are practically no costs for connection and equipment. Now there is access to the network almost everywhere so new subscribers connect quickly and painlessly. You do not nee to use an external IT Cell Number automatic telephone exchange PBX when communicating in the local network. High quality communication . Modern technologies and information processing algorithms help to significantly improve the sound and data transfer rate with minimal effort. New network protocols help to reserve a channel for telephone lines and thus guarantee a high quality signal.

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