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Services yandexuslugimoscowcategoryremontavto There are dozens of smaller resources on which it is worth registering and adding as much useful information about the workshop as possible. With the help of aggregators it is possible to attract corporate clients private traders as well as to a truck service center. How to find car repair clients through social networks Today social networks are a kind of search engines. For example the share of paid traffic from Google and Facebook has been divide in half for several years now.

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Literally everything is searche and bought on social networks. This also applies to car services. Therefore it is advisable to register in the most popular social networks in Russia In contact with Facebook Instagram The widest functionality for business promotion is offere by the social network Vkontakte Creating a thematic group Filling in information Catalan Email List about the company contacts list of services Discussions of any issues with users Adding news thematic posts information about great offers Separately it is worth noting the opportunities for promoting car services Sowing placement of advertising banners in local communities and thematic groups. For example it is reasonable to offer auto repair services to members of an auto insurance group.

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Retargeting is a powerful advertising tool that offers auto repair shop owners opportunities to grow their business and find new customers on a live resource The ability to show ads tailore to a particular user with his make and model of car with a logo or services IT Cell Number that he was looking for. Attract new customers with great deals. For example a free car wash or car diagnostics. The main thing is to convince the client to order the services of a car repair shop even if he already uses the services of another. Set targeting by region the ad will be seen by residents of the desire area quarter or city. Search for customers for a car service through thematic forums Thematic forums are another habitat for potential car service customers.

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